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MITA is a valuable asset with regard to labor relations and employment law questions and concerns. For union and non-union contractors alike, members of MITA are able to draw upon years of experience, knowledge and relationships to resolve workplace issues.



~ Advising and informing members of local and state EEO requirements and changes.
~ Assisting with the interpretation of Prevailing Wage Law (Davis-Bacon) implementation.
~ Interpretation and clarification of contract language.
~ Informing members of National Labor Relations Board decisions that may affect their operations.
~ Negotiation and management of numerous collective bargaining agreements.
~ Representation on various industry specific Taft-Hartley Trust Funds.
~ Informing members of the latest issues affecting employment law.
~ Employing the leading law firms in the field of labor relations.
~ Providing seminars on subjects such as: wrongful discharge, drug testing, etc.